RE: “Dealing with deer…” article in Aug. 15 Sounder

Tuesday, August 22 2017

While reading the deer article in last week’s Sounder, I found myself replacing the word “deer” with “people.”

Too many people, people management plan, people will eat themselves out of... 

You get my drift. History has shown that civilizations have come and gone because people destroy their environment and have nothing left to sustain themselves.

A friend sent a poem recently. Author unknown to me.

I want to be subhuman

And be a lesser man

Humans are too much for me

Too much to understand

They’re too much for each other

And too much for the earth

They’re too much for themselves as well

Much more than what they’re worth

They want too much, they do too much

Too much, too much for me

I want to be less human now

And be more creaturely

When I first came to Gabriola, homes were generally simple cottages and few properties were fenced. Gradually cottages have been replaced, often by large expensive homes with high fences (many homes not lived in year round). Whatever community plan is in place, it has not prevented the gentrification of Gabriola – no reasonably priced properties for sale nor spaces to rent.

I feel privileged to share my space with deer and turkeys. I put a wire cage around plants that need protection and work around native growth to create my living space. My new neighbours have agreed to plant rock rose shrubs along the property line where definition is wanted.

Predators are not the answer – they like lambs too. Hunting is too dangerous and there is very little land which is not private or parkland. Perhaps a small group of experienced local hunters could form a deer harvest trust and hunt on private land where permitted by owners, and sell the venison to those who want it.

When it comes to sterilization, bucks can be gelded too.

Personally, I don’t see deer as a problem. They are beautiful animals. They turn up here and there but we need to learn to share the space – slow down and be alert. Learn to live with and love nature.

My conclusion:


Nature’s plan

The only flaw

Is Man

~ Em Gavin