RE: Dog Boarding story in Dec. 15 Sounder

Tuesday, December 22 2015

Dear Editor, 

I note in the Dec. 15 Sounder, that trustees have asked RDN representatives how RDN citizens responded to legalizing secondary suites in other RDN areas – clearly with an eye to how the idea might go over on Gabriola and Mudge. 

As legalizing secondary suites effectively doubles the density of the lot on which the suite is built, I’d recommend that trustees not take for granted that a lack of response on the big island would translate to the same response on Gabriola. 

This issue has been covered extensively during past terms. Hopefully the trustees will review all the work that has been done on this subject – including reports that were not formally adopted by past LTCs. 

For a Rural Gabriola,

~ Chris Bowers