RE: “Federal election” letter in April 28 Sounder

Tuesday, May 5 2015

Dear Sir,

Whenever a candidate appears to be in trouble, you can count on supporters to try to rectify the situation by turning to such time-tested tactics as raising the spectre of vote splitting. That is precisely what Mr. Bouvier, in his most recent letter to you, is trying to do. How dare the Green Party field a candidate against none other than Ms. Malcolmson who, having been anointed by her party, should be spared the inconvenience of having to face a challenger who might jeopardize the inevitability of her coronation?

And that is not all. Consider the absurdity of the suggestion that running an opposing candidate is downright “petty political maneuvering.” If allowed to continue, this would stand in the way of ridding us of “Harperism” enabling all of us, presumably under the benevolent stewardship of Ms. Malcomsen, to be in a better place forever more.

This approach demonstrates a profound misunderstanding of the democratic process in our country. Canadians welcome, indeed expect, to be given a number of choices during elections.

Our system works best when we vote for a political party and its candidate who we believe best represents our values and the future of the country, and it rapidly becomes polarized and dysfunctional when a ballot is cast on the basis that it is against someone we disapprove of.

History has shown us time and time again that if we quit wasting time on outdated Machiavellian games and stick to the issues and the merits of individual candidates, allowing the collective wisdom of the electorate to determine the final outcome of an election, we will all be better served in the long run. 

~ Luke van der Horst, Gabriola Island