Re: Gabriola Island Transit Contribution Service Establishment - Proposed Bylaw 1734

Tuesday, February 2 2016

This assent voting mechanism is flawed and unfair. The bylaw in Section 3 under the heading “Boundaries” says, “The boundaries of the service area is Electoral Area B (the “Service Area”). This is wrong. The service area will not include the residents of Mudge Island, DeCourcy and several private islands, most of whom never go to Gabriola Island and hence will not use the transit system that is exclusive to Gabriola Island. 

Though the idea of a public transit system on Gabriola is laudable, asking off-islanders to help pay for it by an increase in their property taxes of approximately $100 per year is inexcusable. How was such an inequitable decision made and who made it? Already there are processes in place that preclude taxing other islands in Electoral Area B from paying all kinds of services that are exclusive to Gabriolans, such as garbage collection, etc. Why wasn’t this exclusive-to-Gabriola Island bus service given the same consideration rather than foisting off costs to off-islanders who happen to live in Electoral Area B? 

Allowing a vote to decide the question of who pays for Gabriola’s bus when those living on Gabriola are in the majority of voters, leaves off-islanders feeling ripped off, and so they should. Suggesting this will service all of Area B is a deception. This transit system does not cover Electoral Area B as stated, nor could it. It is a fraudulent attempt to foist off taxation costs onto off-islanders.

Yours sincerely,

Lillian Varcoe