RE: Gambler Letter in June 23 Sounder

Wednesday, June 30 2021

Mr. Murphy, the gambler, wishes to be enlightened. Given his faulty logic that will be difficult, but here is a try. 

Covid is not a game of chance. One can decide whether or not to participate in such games. That is not true of Covid, where everyone is potentially at risk. Moreover, informed gamblers not only calculate the odds or winning or losing but weight them by the rewards and costs. There is no big reward for those who are not infected, but the consequences of infection can be horrible. Mr. Murphy may choose to risk his own life, but he is not entitled to risk that of others, including those who will have to look after him should he become infected. Even the fully vaccinated are not immune to infection and there are many in the community who are only partially vaccinated, or not vaccinated at all because they are too young.

Restricting entry to public events to those who have been vaccinated is not unreasonable. One is required to get a driving license before operating a car, to reduce the risks to other drivers and pedestrians. Many countries used to require proof of smallpox vaccinations before allowing entry. BC Ferries requires the uses of masks for all users who are not in their cars. Where there is a significant risk to the public good, restrictions on personal liberty are reasonable. I don’t want to be anywhere near an unvaccinated Mr. Murphy. If he is known to attend concerts or other public events I doubt that the organisers will be able to sell enough tickets to make such activities viable. 

Yours truly, 

~ Richard Blanchard