Re: Raymond Tremblay letter, “Gabriola ferry terminal screen monitor” in Feb. 12  Sounder

Wednesday, February 19 2020

What would Mr. Tremblay suggest we do with newspapers (including the Sounder), dailies, other weeklies, magazines, journals, outdoor billboards, radio, television, oh, and have I mentioned social media ads, online advertising, websites, et al? If it were not for them he wouldn’t even know where to get his groceries or where the next coffee bar is. Nor is he the arbitrary judge of what is invasive and what is not. Sure, tasteful or not, that’s okay. I used to own a national ad agency. I know a few things about advertising. The sign at the ferry terminal is benign. And since BC Ferries has no other way of letting us know if the ferry is late or on time, the screen is better than staring at an empty dock. I suggest Mr. Tremblay use his time for more pressing matters, like ads for violent movies on YouTube children’s programs. Also close to home, it’s that nasty invasive Scotch broom plant. Perhaps a broom sanctuary is needed for marginalized flora. I thought we were the invasive species who force invasive (offensive, vulgar) language upon a civilized society. And when people use terms like “the people across Canada are not going to let this go,” are they speaking for all Canadians or just two? Isn’t that the invasiveness of presumption? They’re not speaking for me. I feel a rant coming on, just like Rick Mercer.

- Gerrit Verstraete