Re: “We need sensible regulations for sensible lifestyles” letter in July 14 Sounder

Monday, July 21 2014

A recent letter described an earlier reconstruction of a disassembled log cabin which implied that this process was past history. 

Out of curiosity, I contacted the RDN and asked some general questions. The log cabin process is very commonly one of moving previously assembled structures as they are often seasoned before reassembly on the final site. 

There have been seismic regulations added to the code but other than that, there has been no change in acceptance through the permit process. 

There is a possibility that a structural engineer would also have to sign off on the structure. 

The RDN also acknowledged that phased construction and occupancy (once primary safety and sanitation are met) was allowed under the permit process. 

As regards recycled building material, they have an issue with structural material only because it is difficult to determine quality and strength. 

Also recycled electrical and plumbing material can pose CSA approval issues. 

However, this still permits a lot of scope for using recycled material. 

From my talks with the RDN, it seems that they are willing to meet people in the middle provided they start out with a permit application and a transparent agenda.

~ Jeff Bird