Regarding the proposed Dog Boarding bylaw amendments

Tuesday, December 15 2015

The Local Trust Committee (LTC) is purposely creating public confusion by using the term “pet sitting” instead the true activity of Dog Boarding. Dog Boarding/Sitting is already allowed on the large 5 plus acres lots. By offering Dog Boarding/Sitting business in small residential zones under a three year Temporary Use Permit (TUP) will encourage them to pop up all over these neighbourhoods. To endure three years of dog barking is not so temporary. With the TUP neighbours will be able to give feedback to the Trustees on a business that wants to come to their neighbourhood but it is entirety the Trustees decision to grant it or not. The LTC is putting many resources into “Dog Sitting” instead of causes of importance for the well being of the residents and environment. There is no enforcement action from the Regional District of Nanaimo in regards to the noise bylaw when it pertains to dog barking because they have admitted it is too difficult to enforce. The potential contamination of local wells from the added Dog Waste will not be able to be controlled either. Pet Sitting/Dog Boarding is not allowed in 99 % of suburban neighbourhoods in the entire Country. In Nanaimo Pet Sitting/Dog Boarding home base business is explicitly disallowed in the suburban neighbourhoods and the City of Nanaimo treats dog waste as hazardous waste. It would be no better to have Dog Boarding/Sitting in the suburban neighbourhoods of Gabriola and with wells. Gabriola home based businesses are not allowed to emit noise beyond property boundaries but Dog Boarding/Sitting is getting a pass as the simple fact is Dogs Bark and that sound will travel beyond the lot. Even when the Dogs are “housed” in the dwelling, during the warm seasons when windows and doors are open there will be no reduction of noise. As a tax payer I am offended the LTC is spending much effort and funds towards this end rather then a worthy cause like affordable housing. A Dog Boarding Agenda is simply not needed for a small community.


~ Barbara Blanchard