Remembering gratitude

Aaron Holmes


Tuesday, October 20 2015

It’s way too easy to take the routine niceties for granted. They’re easy to get used to, and so you forget to feel grateful.

If you don’t feel grateful, it’s impossible to communicate gratitude to others.

Frustration sets in. The little bumps in an otherwise smooth road that irritate you and fester can destroy something that’s mostly great.

More than forgetting to communicate appreciation, we forget to feel grateful for the presence of the people in our lives who make it .

We can adapt to improvements pretty quickly. Soon that new accessory doesn’t have quite the sparkle it had on the shelf.

One other thing is that it’s impossible, or at least challenging, to feel angry and grateful at the same time. By focusing your energy on feeling grateful for what you have, your anger and frustration are replaced with something far more positive.

Homework: Every morning this month, make your bed, then write down three things you’re grateful for. Even if the day is a disaster, you can still come home to a made bed.

This sort of gratitude practice will help you recognize and remember more things you’re grateful for and start your day off with a positive note to carry through the day.

By mid December, if you don’t appreciate the impact gratefulness has on your day, maybe this isn’t for you, but thanks for giving it a shot. You have nothing left to lose but your anger. Life’s too short to be angry.