Response from Mayor Krog to Randy Shalagan letter in July 15 Sounder

Wednesday, July 15 2020

Good Morning Mr. Shalagan,  Thank you for your letter of June 21. I well appreciate the concerns you raise but as I understand it Western Forest Products continues to work at no small expense to deal with the noise issue at their Duke Point Mill. You are now asking for a noise by law specific to the whole of the Nanaimo Industrial Park. All of Council has seen your letter and as you might guess the request presents some real issues for the City. You say you want to make it clear this is not about jobs versus community health but the reality is the larger community will see it that way. The Industrial Park was established a very long time ago and I suspect many if not most of your members moved into the areas affected by the noise issues after the establishment of the Park. As you know the City through By Law Enforcement has been active on the Western Forest Products file and at this stage will continue to do so in the hopes of solving the issues. It is I believe likely to produce the best outcome for the community as a whole.   

~ Mayor Leonard Krog