Response to decision to not select Community Hall as Emergency Reception Centre

Tuesday, September 26 2017

Dear Editor,

We protest the manner in which the Christ Church Gabriola has been selected as an Emergency Reception Centre (ERC) for the south end. As Tsiporah Grignon has ably pointed out, our publicly owned Community Hall is superior in every way for this purpose. 

The notion provided to us that an ERC is merely a short-term transit forwarding facility to other accommodation (in Nanaimo?) is questionable. One can foresee various emergencies during which getting from one end of the island to the other would prove extremely difficult if not impossible, let alone crossing over to Nanaimo. We need an island facility which is large enough to shelter people until an emergency is over. The church is simply not adequate for the task.

We note that the RDN seems to have ignored the Community Hall Board’s offer to fund the difference in the cost of installing a generator at the hall rather than at the church. 

We, the people of Gabriola, should ourselves directly vote on and decide where a south end ERC should be located—not a handful of regional directors, all but one of whom do not even live here. The situation as it now stands is entirely unacceptable. If you agree, let our regional director know directly and demand a community vote.


David Bouvier

Anna Leather

Janet Vickers

Paul Grignon