Response to Sarah Holmes letter in Nov. 15 Sounder

Tuesday, November 22 2016

After reading your letter about the experience at the Ceremony for Remembrance Day I wanted to write Sarah a letter of support. How do our children learn about the past? 

Yes, they can read about it, see it on TV or Internet, learn about it in the classroom, hear stories from the elders. The best way and the most long lasting memory will be to experience the event when that is possible. With the ceremony/service for November 11 that is possible. As responsible caring parents you did that.

I apologize for the incident especially if it was someone in my generation who espoused children should be seen and not heard. Instead it should be celebrated that parents are bringing their children to the event. They will carry on traditions as it seems our difficult wondrous world may never be free from wars. (One hopes there will be a day when conflict resolution will be conducted and resolved with conversation and a handshake.)

I do so hope you will not let this deter you from attending functions with the family and next year Remembrance Day. I was not able to attend the ceremony this year so was not witness to whatever happened. Regardless you did the right thing by being there and you did the right thing for telling the community of the intolerance of some.

~ Liz Ciocea