Short-term solutions needed too


Tuesday, September 27 2016

The Gabriola Ferry Advisory Committee certainly has the right idea -  to have the Transportation Ministry re-route the ferry lineup to come up Ferry Hill - story on page 5.

Whatever the logistics of making that happen, it makes more sense than continuing to have the lineup on Taylor Bay Road. As the FAC points out, the majority of islanders live somewhere on Gabriola which is not on Taylor Bay/Berry Point. This means most of us - if getting in the line after it reaches Taylor Bay Road - have to use the turnaround to do so.

The only problem with the FAC’s proposal is that even if the Ministry considers it a good idea, it will take time to happen, if at all.

Between now and then, the Ministry needs to apply some kind of barriers between the active traffic lanes on Taylor Bay Road. They’d also do well to install ‘no u-turn’ signs between ferry hill and the turnaround (currently the first sign is after the turnaround). And - as said before in this space - a sign needs to tell people what the turnaround is for. We can’t get mad at people for pulling a u-turn without instructing drivers on how to do that. The only directional sign so far (before the turnaround) simply tells drivers to join the lineup on Taylor Bay Road - it doesn’t say how. We’ve got eight to ten months before our next visitor season. Perhaps a few signs can go up.

Long term, the FAC has it right.

Short term, change needs to happen, to force drivers to change their habits, before worse accidents occur there.