Sifting through the silliness

Janina Stajic


Monday, April 22 2013

In the ridiculousness of a world where: 

School boards spend $24,000 on a new logo and then say they have to fire 24 teachers to save money;

 Federal Conservatives suggest we shouldn’t vote for Justin because he did a ‘strip tease’ at a Canadian Liver Foundation Fundraiser raising $1,900 (as though his actions showed lack of judgment rather than that - gasp - he’s human and likes to have fun rather than just being a roboton in a cardigan) and;

Disney thinks it’s okay to have shirts for girls that read “I need a hero” and shirts for boys that say “Be a Hero.”

It’s nice to know that, at least sometimes, Gabriolans have their priorities a lot straighter. 

What am I referring to you ask? 

Well, specifically to two stories in last week’s Sounder - the one about GERTIE and the one about Gabriola students walking for water. 

First, kudos to all of those involved in driving the bus project forward. I thank you profusely because the positive repercussions of having a public transit system will be felt by every islander, and of course, our precious environment. 

Then there’s the antics of those school children - organizing the second annual walk for water to raise money for people in developing countries who don’t’ have easy access to clean water. 

The best part about this is it’s something that was initiated right here on Gabriola by last year’s Grade 6 & 7 class. 

So you see? 

There are those who have their priorities right - sometimes you just need to dig through the silliness to find them. 

Oh, and note to Harper – keep up with those attack ads. After the one featuring Justin’s strip tease aired, the Canadian Liver Foundation received twice as many unsolicited donations as it normally receives in a month; 200 made specifically on behalf of Trudeau.