Smart Meter pay-to-be opted-out program should be open to all British Columbian homes

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News Editor

Monday, July 22 2013

The options put forward for those who have, until now, held out on getting a Smart Meter, should be made available to every property owner in the province.

One could argue that those who have ‘fought the good fight’ should be the ones rewarded with the ability to pay to have the wireless transmitters continue to be left turned off.

But the options, such as they are, should be open to every property owner who objects for any reason to the smart meter technology.

The second ‘should’ is there should be a light, or some kind of visual indicator, added on to every Smart Meter that has it’s transmitter turned off so property owners will know if the wireless transmitter comes back on.

It does not matter whether BC Hydro, or the majority of British Columbians, do not think there is a either a health or privacy risk created by these meters. The property owners think there is, and they need to be respected.

Aside: it’s still unclear as to why the meters could not be hardwired in to the communication lines system built in to every property serviced by BC Hydro lines, making the wireless tech unnecessary.

The minister is to be commended for putting these options on the table (finally....) but there are holes in the opt-out program, the largest of which is not allowing everyone to opt-out.

Especially if BC Hydro is going to be paid for a property to be opted-out of the standard Smart Meter program.