So much for dust control

Monday, July 21 2014

My wife and I attended the June 25 meeting held by the Gabriola Transportation Association who hosted people from the Ministry of Highways Department and Emcon here on Gabriola. One purpose of the meeting was to address concerns over the condition of our paved and gravel roads. There were other subjects discussed, however, I would like to make further comment on the issue of dust control on the “gravel” roads. I suggested to Mr. Heaslip of Emcon, that there needed to be at least two applications of the dust treatment to the gravel roads and not the usual single treatment. He went on record saying that in effect, “You’ll find one application does the job very well especially this year as the application will be done at a later date.” 

It has been two weeks since the treatment has been applied and, in fact, the dust has returned to Dorby Way and Crocker Road. It has been beyond frustrating to see my new car look ten years old in a matter of months living on this island. Patched areas, over patched areas on the paved roads, and inadequate dust control on the gravel roads (to name only one issue) has left me speechless. The apparent aloof and cavalier attitude of the highways department and the refusal to realize the obvious road issues from the Emcon decision-maker, leaves me ill and angry. I would urge other concerned people of the island to write the appropriate agencies and let your voice be heard. 

~ Randy Phillips