Strides taken for family improvements


Tuesday, December 12 2017

Some seriously good news on the child-care on Gabriola front this week, with the HOPE Centre slated to receive $500,000 from the provincial government.

That will go a long ways to providing more space for the children who are too young to be in the ‘regular’ school system, but who have parents who for whatever reason, need to be away from home during the work day.

Be that for work - or for their children to have a safe and predictable space in which to learn to socialize, play, and interact with their peers.

Also this week, the Regional District of Nanaimo opened the new playground at Huxley Community Park. And was promptly mobbed by children and caregivers of all ages. 

While something as simple as a playground may not seem like a big deal, it is another improvement to Gabriola which can attract families which want to live here.

And for those who are here, it’s a big deal to be able to take children to a ‘gathering’ area in the village core where one can hope to find other children to play with. 

Much like our Gabriola Library, it provides a public space in a world which is rapidly losing spaces which don’t require a purchase be made to hang around.

The improvements to the entire Huxley Park, and the playground added to Rollo McClay by the Softball Association - also positive strides.

It pointed out at the Health Collaborative gathering a few weeks ago - one of the big flags going up that puts Gabriola at risk of being a sustainable community is our rapidly diminishing family population. 

Yes, we need to find solutions for potentially housing more families. But we also need to find positive and public ways to open our community up to families.

This week, Gabriola took some big steps in the right direction for achieving that.