Stronger measures needed at Barrett and North


Wednesday, October 16 2019

Apparently.....the measures taken by the Transportation Ministry have not been enough to stop a two-vehicle collission at Barrett and North.

This marks the third collision in just over a year at that intersection.

Details on the exact cause of Saturday’s collision had not been released, but the fact there was yet another one there points to there being more issues with the location that need to be dealt with.

Rumble strips - the kind that run perpendicular to the flow of traffic - would seem to be one way to alert drivers to the fact they are approaching a stop sign.

Ministry representatives have said those kinds of measures aren’t used in residential areas - due to noise.

But one might assume the people living near Barrett and North would prefer the ‘zip zip’ of wheels on rumble strips to the banging together of two vehicles, followed by all manner of emergency sirens.

Or perhaps a four-way stop should be considered - given the prevalence of drivers to speed up along the ‘North Road Straightaway,’ it might also serve as a speed check for that part of North Road. It might not stop people from blowing thorugh the Barrett Stop Sign - but it might mean the drivers on North Road see them coming.

Whatever the measures that are taken there, they have to consider the fact there is something inherently wrong with the intersection now. There’s an even mix of drivers involved there from both on island and off island - this isn’t a case of people chronically ignoring the stop sign (such as is common with the stop sign at the ferry line).

The Minstry needs to get serious with Barrett and North.

Before someone is killed, not ‘just’ injured.