Summertime nuisances. Worth dealing with.


Tuesday, August 4 2015

Everyone has something that drives them crazy during the summer. And not just talking about the more-aggressive-than-usual wasps.

Things like the ferry lineups. Doesn’t matter what day of the week, or what sailing one is trying to catch. Right now, apparently every ferry during the day is a big lineup to get on.

Right up there is the sheer number of vehicles getting parked in and around the village. Up and down north road this past Saturday.

Good thing there’s a speed limit of 50 through there.

But it’s all worth it when one starts talking to merchants and people at the market, finding out people are busy, and are getting to see the fruits of their labours enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Then there’s the lack of water. Which leads to trying to decide if that odor in the grocery lineup is coming from the clothes one is trying to wear for one more day before using precious water for laundry.

Plenty of bicyclists on the roadways - a plus - it means more visitors, as well as more locals enjoying the island scenery. EIf only the Highways Ministry would get around to putting shoulders on both sides of North Road, especially through the tunnel. And reducing speed limits through the village core.

And then of course there is the heat. The heat really is the problem. Not only does it cause the water problem - it also makes people just slightly more irritable than usual. Meaning all the little things they’d shrug off normally start to add up, eventually exploding. Which is why the universe has blessed Gabriola with beaches. It is amazing how much stress can be bled by ten minutes of scrunching sand between one’s toes.

In six months, we’ll be running around in gumboots and raincoats, pining for just a few moments of blue sky. For now, the island has the heat turned way up, we might as well enjoy every minute of it.