Sweet. No signal.


Wednesday, October 31 2018

As some may know, there are a few places on Gabriola where it is impossible to receive either a cell signal or latch on to WiFi.

How sweet the silence is.

Most users will acknowledge that taking a break from ‘checking in’ on the digital world is a good thing.

The thing is, few of us do it at the same time.

Some might treat the home as the place to log out.

For others, it’s at work.

Whether it’s at home, or at work, or out in the community, within any circle of persons, someone’s usually stepping away for a ‘quick’ check in on what’s going down.

The ‘dead zones’ where no one can make this happen should almost be treated as sacred sites.

One such dead zone is Christ Church, adjacent to Petroglyph Park.

Talk about sacred.

But being able to have a gathering of 40 to 50 people and not one of them is being called to attention by a cell phone ring; or logging on to social media to get their ‘fix’ is incredibly peaceful.

Much as being able to sit on a couch in such a zone and let the mind distract itself rather than be distracted.

The junction of Horseshoe Road and North Road is another dead zone. As is the Degnen Boat Launch near the Netloft.

There’s no question many of us need to be connected.

Someone out there, unquestionably, might need us.


Switch off. Turn off. 

Reveal the quiet that is hiding behind all the noise.