The GIRO meeting more productive than it seemed

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News Editor

Monday, September 9 2013

There are those who would say the GIRO members meeting held this past Thursday night was unproductive.

If so, those would be the people who were hoping one meeting would heal the divide that exists between those who are happy/content with how things are going at GIRO, and those who are unhappy/discontented/pretty ticked off.

The first 50 minutes, in which both sides tried to take control of every aspect of the meeting including setting the agenda, was nicely handled by Chair Nancy Hetherington-Peirce, but was otherwise unproductive.

The second half though (also well-chaired) had two positive results:

1. Pressure was vented. People were able to finally, in public, voice their concerns. And the Board was able to respond.

2. The group (with some objections) agreed a good-old Gabriola-style Strategic Meeting was needed to really have the kinds of discussions the membership wants to have. And with little disagreement, a date was set.

GIRO will survive this. What it looks like once the entire membership is finished may not be what we see today, or what it has been in the past. But it will be ready to continue serving islanders well in to the future.