The internet needs to be a tool


Wednesday, January 30 2019

If anyone is worried about the security of their personal information, just get off the internet.

Shut down all social media memberships.

Log out of all the apps on the smart phone.

Trade the smart phone in for a flip phone, or even better, a land line. Though it is handy to still be able to send and receive text messages from the flip phone.

And lest anyone think the above is sarcasm, it’s not.

The internet is not a safe place to be.

About as safe as being in a rowboat somewhere between Australia and Antarctica.

Though unlike that rowboat situation, being connected to the internet can be useful.

So perhaps we need to treat it like a tool, rather than a place.

We need to use it to craft our words, shape our actions, and enhance how we connect with those around us. 

To inform us, rather than use us.

We have to live in the world our bodies are made for.

Have real conversations. 

Chat with the person sitting next to us on the ferry; or at the ‘waiting table’ while we get a lunch to take back to our desks. 

The next step being having lunch outside of work, rather than at our desks, but that might be a bit much for some.

Ask those who have taken themselves off social media how they feel - some feel a weight being taken off their shoulders. 

As if they are able to focus on what issues really matter to them - rather than being burdened with all of the issues. All of the time. Others feel disconnected, and are now seeking new ways to connect with those around them.

And to get back to the security - the less we put on the internet, the less worried we have to be about tech and information companies sharing or profiting from our personal data.

Instead, we can share, and profit, from human contact and the truly satisfying connection with another person’s thoughts.