The Liberal 180


Tuesday, June 27 2017

This past week, Premier Clark gave a speech from the throne which proved, beyond a doubt, that she governs by whatever is the flavour of the day.

Clark said, “The election revealed a gap in understanding between urban and rural British Columbia...we have to bridge that gap because we all succeed when we thrive together, regardless of where we live in this province, we are all British Columbians.”

Wrong Premier Clark. This is not an urban-rural divide.

The only thing the election showed was there is a gap in understanding between your government and everyone else who lives in BC.

There were so many 180-degree policy turns in the throne speech they’d make a skateboarder’s head spin.

BC Green Leader Andrew Weaver nailed it in his response, sent out as a press release on the same day as the Throne speech was issued.

Weaver said, “We cannot have confidence in a government that for sixteen years has argued against these policies, and in the last few days has suddenly recognized that they are in the best interests of British Columbians. We will look to the Liberals to demonstrate a genuine willingness to follow through on these commitments regardless of where they sit in the legislature.”

The Liberals have, hopefully, in trying to make a last ditch play to stay in power, have shot themselves in the foot.

This move does not garner them much of any support from those who voted against them - as Weaver said, who can have confidence in the Liberals to do any of this after 16 years of fighting it?

The Liberals have aligned their policy with their opponents’ policies, literally just a few weeks after running an election platform counter to almost all of these policies.

No party can pull that kind of 180, and then expect to go into another election, or the Legislature, and be trusted by voters on any part of the BC spectrum.

No party, perhaps, except the BC Liberals.