The misses of 2015. Looking forward to 2016


Tuesday, December 29 2015

Things we thought we’d see in 2015:

- A study in to the economic feasibility of a bridge between Gabriola and Vancouver Island. Original contract date for delivery to the Provincial Government was February 2015. While there have been some hiccouphs, as happens with any contract, the wait has been long enough - whatever the answer might be - and islanders deserve to finally get a look at it.

- An NDP Government in Ottawa. (Ok, not everyone thought we’d see NDP in power, but there did seem to be a possiblity). Regardless, Stephen Harper has been removed as Prime Minister. The jury is still out on whether Justin Trudeau and the Liberals will be any good, but they’ve made a good impression on Canadians as well as the rest of the world so far.

- The Village Trail connecting Agi Hall to Tin Can Alley. The Regional District of Nanaimo is working on this project, and from what RDN Director Howard Houle has said, now that all parties (design, engineers, funders, et cetera) are all on the same page, we should see some movement on that project. Having a safe way for pedestrians to walk from the Farmers’ Market to GIRO every weekend next summer is an improvement we look forward to.

Things to also be grateful for as we move into 2016:

- We have a Member of Parliament in Ottawa. From Gabriola. Whatever party people vote for, it is historic to think our federal representative is from Gabriola. We will now have to share Sheila Malcolmson with the rest of Nanaimo-Ladysmith, but all the same, she deserves congratulations for taking our island perspective to Ottawa.

- Water has returned to Gabriola. After a very dry spring and summer, precipitation has certainly hit the island full strength since October. Wells and cisterns are filling up and firefighters can worry slightly less for a few months.

- The many collaboratives of organizations working together on issues like Attainable Housing, Health and Wellness, Mental Health, Substance Abuse. The Chamber taking a long look at the status quo, and possible future, of Gabriola’s economy. All things that are interconnected, and being talked about by organizations and people who have not always bridged those gaps.

- We live on Gabriola. Nuff Said.