The norm is terrifying


Wednesday, August 14 2019

Another summer is half over, with nothing done yet to help with making the Gabriola ferry line safer for everyone.

Two weeks ago, BC Ferries stated to the Gabriola FAC members that one of the reasons behind not hiring flaggers for the Gabriola line was that the line does not interfere with the active lanes of traffic on Taylor Bay Road.

The lineup in the photos below is not an exception.

It is the norm. Which is terrifying.

It was not hard to be there to take a photo.

Pretty much any sailing between 7am and 3pm during the week, and for most of the weekend, will extend well past the first overload sign. 

And for many of those, vehicles will line up in the active lane where the line crosses Mallett Creek; as well as where the shoulder narrows between Mallett Creek and Ivory Way.

This makes being in the line, or driving past the line, to state it one more time....terrifying.

For whatever reason, and as quoted from the BC Ferries letter sent to Salt Spring Island residents, the company has its own staff helping with traffic control in the lineups at the Vesuvius terminal - which by all accounts are challenging the Gabriola line for most challenging in the system.

The line there has over the last year gotten to be a headache since the 53-car Howe Sound Queen was retired, and the 44-car Quinitsa brought in to serve that route.

Clearly when there is a will, and a budget, BC Ferries is willing to conduct traffic control outside it’s terminal lease area for the sake of customers who would not be on the roadway were it not for needing to be on a ferry.

The Gabriola FAC members, and the islanders the FAC members represent, are not asking for anything outside of the norm. They are asking for some kind of safety measure to be put in place, which can help with drivers’ decision making; and everyone’s tempers, until the new terminal is built; and the new ships are in place.

Everyone should start taking photos of the line. 

For those on Twitter, tweet the photos with @News4Gabriola and @BCFerries included.

Use the #Gabriola, #BCFerries, and #fixtheferryline hashtags as well.

For those using email, send the photos to with a copy to, subject Fix the Gabriola Ferry Line.