The Running Adventure: Part 2

Janina Stajic


Monday, April 8 2013

As my loyal readers will know, in January I did something I never dreamed I’d do - I signed up for a 10k run. What’s transpired since then you ask? Well, the path to running that 10k has had a few hurdles. It’s partly my fault as about a month into my training I got cocky. Everything was running so smoothly. I was slowly increasing my running time and distance. And I had purchased a new pair of actual running shoes (I’d been running in five-year-old cross trainers) which had helped hugely with the shin splints. Just an aside: Why do runners come in such gaudy colours? Mine are bright purple and lime green and SHINY. But they were by far the most comfortable shoes. The only conclusion I can draw is that the manufacturers figure you’ll run faster in garishly coloured shoes because you won’t want anyone to get a close look at them. Anyway, there I was running along and then suddenly, wham, I was hit by an insanely busy week and I made the grave error of deciding the running could give. BIG mistake. By the time I stepped into those gaudy but oh-so-comfortable runners again I could barely return to the time and distance I’d done with ease two weeks prior. It was very disconcerting and an important lesson. Now, even if those runners have to travel half way across Canada, I’m sticking to my weekly schedule. The other key lesson is that a goal is critical. The only reason I run consistently instead of using my limited spare time to eat bonbons, is because the 10k run is in two months. Oh my god. Two months? 

I gotta go hit the pavement