The Trust’s priority is to fill the neighbourhoods with dog boarding businesses

Tuesday, December 15 2015

The Trust’s priority is to fill the neighbourhoods with dog boarding (dog sitting as referred to by the Local Trust Committee) businesses. The LTC doesn’t seem to care what the majority of islanders think.

Now the Trust forges ahead with Dog Boarding businesses under a Temporary Use Permit which does not expire for three years! 

There is no recourse for neighbours as the RDN does not enforce Dog Barking complaints and Island Health hasn’t any regulation or enforcement to prevent extra Dog Waste from Dog Boarding Businesses affecting well water of neighbours. It seems to be more of the same without addressing the concerns of the residents about Dog Boarding. 

The LTC is promoting Dog Boarding on the small lot subdivisions and ignoring concerns from many, many residents. Dog Boarding is already allowed and exists on the large rural five acre lots so there is no need to expand this to the small lot neighbourhoods. These neighbourhoods should not be forced to persevere with Barking and Waste for three years just so a small select number of people are appeased. 

What a poor use of tax money for something that has a negative effect on the environment and people and is not necessary in a small community. The other home based businesses are not allowed to project noise from the business beyond its property but Dog Boarding gets an exemption. 

It appears the LTC has unlimited funds and planners with too much time on their hands to make “Baby Sitting” dogs a top priority. 

Gabriola must be the best place around with no need to help the homeless and people in need and there isn’t a shortage of affordable rentals. 

Have we really elected the Trustees with a mandate to look after dogs?

~ Isabelle Hodgeson