Time for some gratitude


Wednesday, October 9 2019

Picking and choosing our fights is one way to reduce both the damage we’re doing to the environment - and the damage we’re doing to our own sanity.

There’s a tonne of worry out there.

The culture of Anxiety. Of needing to be worried about something to feel that we’re ‘doing something’ or at least wanting to do something to make the world a better place.

The culture of ‘busy-ness’ has been replaced by the culture of ‘if you’re not the most stressed out person in the room you’re not worrying enough.’

As if people - of any age or demographic - didn’t have enough to worry about. Bills, family, work, play, happiness.

Ferry lines.

Now we’re all expected to be on the front lines of saving the world. Or at least we feel like we should be.

The feedback loop - especially on those who look up to us - just spirals faster and faster until we’re stuck in a Möbius strip of stress.

Do not for a second consider this is discounting those who deal with anxiety disorders. For those members of our community, having the rest of the world send its stress level through an infinite loop cannot be helpful.

Nor should this be considered to be ‘Nero fiddling.’

We need to be worried. We really do.

The world really does need us to care. We need us to care.

Let’s be honest, 15 million years from now, the world will still be here. A few hundred years from now, it’s be nice to think our descendants will look back at our generation and think we saw what was happening around us.

We’re in a climate crisis. 

We’re in a housing crisis.

We’re in an opiod crisis.

And we’re in a political crisis, as more and more of our discussions take place in a place of absolutes. Of zeros, and ones.

We’re in a crisis of forgetting what it means to be human.

Thanksgiving is this weekend.

A time where we need, more than ever, to reflect on what is good in our lives - and not feel guilt over having something good in our lives.

Each of us has a responsibility to show the next generation not just how much to care about the world, but also to appreciate and smile and laugh our way through life.

Otherwise, there really is no point to saving anything.