Time to cooperate


Tuesday, May 16 2017

Unless there’s a miracle in Comox for the BC Liberals, it certainly looks like we have - for now - a minority government in BC. Not necessarily one governed by the Liberals, but a minority one nontheless. 

Here’s hoping the NDP and Green party leaders can learn to work together. There’s too much the two parties can agree on to waste a chance at redirecting the province from where the Liberals have been taking it for 16 years.

But the rub, is cooperation also means compromise. And this is not a province where compromise in politics is rewarded.

Whatever compromises each of the three parties accepts in a minority government will surely be used against them in the next election - no one likes voting for a party which will compromise itself, right?

That’s where the BC Liberals will have an advantage, unfortunately. They won’t compromise any of their principles or standards. In the short term, it may make it difficult for them to work with the other parties, but if we return to the voting booth, it may just reward them.

For this reason, and many more, the NDP and Greens need to cooperate, and get proportional representation in place before everything unravels - as will inevitably happen in a minority situation.