Turf the politicians running things

Tuesday, December 29 2015

Dear Editor

Should have had a good news story for Christmas, but not so this time. On Monday I went to the Duke Point Commercial Terminal (run by the Nanaimo Port Authority) to protest the movement of huge logs from the ancient forest of the Walbran Valley. There should have been no government license given to cut these, last of a kind, magnificent trees.

This same terminal is also handling the movement of contaminated soil from the mainland to Shawnigan Lake. Think about it. It must be pretty bad stuff as they can’t find a place on the mainland for it, but hey, let’s ship it to the country folk on Vancouver Island and we can also have police protection if needed.

We are being governed by politicians and bureaucrats who, I am beginning to think, all have psychopathic tendencies. It is scary, they all have to be turfed out as soon as possible.

~ Phil Marchant