Two more weeks of summer


Wednesday, September 2 2020

Stay calm. Stay kind. Let everyone make their choice.

Understand some of us are less willing to believe things are safe, especially when it comes to our kids. These are the question askers, the ones who are pushing for details from the education and health care systems. Some details will be worked out because these very questions are being asked.

We need the question askers.

While some of us are willing to put our trust in what we are told by the health care and education system. We need these people too, because they are the ones who remind us that no matter how many questions we ask, not all the answers are available, and at some point, the doctors and other experts with years of experience really can make good decisions based on the information of today.

And no matter what the ‘upper management’ of that system is saying, lets all trust the teachers, principals, support staff, and everyone else working the front lines is making those students their focus for back to school.

To make the school a place where students feel safe - for some, it’s the only place they feel truly safe.

It’s where some will find a mental health break from stress at home and outside in their community.

For some it will be a return to a familiar routine, to some kind of weekly structure they can depend on - even if and when COVID throws society another curve ball.

We have, in our school here on Gabriola, a team of dedicated educators who are there every year because they want to teach, and help parents raise children who are prepared for when things like COVID-19 happen.

For other students, who are not returning to the physical schools, there will be something new, something different, an opportunity to learn through their parents, a distanced teacher, and in ways they haven’t done before. For them, it will also be critical to be patient, be kind, and understanding.