Unsafe drug use


Wednesday, March 13 2019

Of no surprise to anyone  - there are people on Gabriola who are using intravenous drugs. 

Apparently they are doing so in locations like the public access path on Canso Drive. See the photo below.

That brings up the kneejerk reaction of wanting someone to at the very least clean up after themselves. Said person, after use, may not be in the best condition to think about such things. 

Hopefully some of those persons can plan ahead next time.

There is still an opioid overdose crisis in BC.

Using any drugs, including those containing fentanyl, in such a location puts the users pretty far from anyone finding them in an overdose situation and helping them.

This past year, the health authority put out notices asking users to at least buddy up when using. 

No one has said if the person on Canso had a sober buddy watching over them. Or any buddy at all.

There’s more than one reason Canso or other similar places on Gabriola are the wrong place to be using drugs.