Village Way Trail needs to be built


Tuesday, October 17 2017

It would be great to see the RDN get the Transportation Ministry (MOTI) to commit to allowing the RDN to build the Village Way Trail.

In other words - Gabriola needs the Ministry to let the RDN build the trail. 

The RDN has offered, on multiple times, to be the funder and maintainer of the trail.

MOTI has been unwilling to let go of control of the rights-of-way beside North Road to allow the trail to be built.

The RDN just celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the RDN providing services to the entire RDN area - and held the celebration by officially opening the Coombs to Parksville Rail Trail.

The Coombs to Parksville Rail Trail is a wide compacted gravel trail that is almost 7 km long, and offers plenty of room for all of those on the move or just out for exercise.  Along the way, according to the RDN press release, “people can check out the best of Oceanside graffiti art, gaze down into the cool mossy depths of Romney Creek, or watch the bald eagles riding the air currents near their Church Rd area perch and nest trees.”

We’re into year five, maybe six, of the Village Way project being one of the key ways to improve pedestrian safety and overall quality of our village core. 

We’re not looking for opportunities to watch bald eagles. 

We’re looking for a way to have children, tourists, and general passers-by walk from Agi Hall to GIRO without fear of being clipped by a slightly off-kilter vehicle.

Last anyone heard, the current Minister, Claire Trevena, had met with Gabriola RDN Director Houle and RDN Chair Bill Veenhoff and was pushing to find a way to get the trail built.

The trail needs to be built. Anyone who tried to drive through the Village on any given weekend this summer knows this - much as we all know we need a bigger boat, or more frequent sailings, to solve the ferry lineup issues in the summer.

Let’s get the Village Way trail done soon, and not to celebrate the RDN’s 60th anniversary of providing regional services.