Worker abuse on BCF

Wednesday, July 24 2019

BC Ferry & Marine Worker’s Union is running a campaign right now, asking the public to support their call for a zero tolerance of worker abuse. See

According to the Union, BC Ferries workers face abuse every day, just for doing their job. 82% of workers surveyed have suffered abuse including threats, harassment, or physical violence from passengers. 

Over half say that abuse affects their mental health. According to the Union statement, BC Ferries doesn’t always stand up for their workers.

The Union says abuse is never “part of the job.” and that it is time for B.C. Ferries to enforce a zero tolerance policy for worker abuse.

No one should be abused for doing their job. 

Whether it’s ferry workers, or anyone else working the front lines with little to no power to make the changes the customers want.

While Gabriolans may take ‘issue’ with decisions made by the BC Ferries corporation - those working on the ship and in the terminal should be given the same respect as any other person islanders look to for a service.

The summer heat is on, there’s going to be times where we don’t make the ferry - on Gabriola or in Nanaimo - and it will be tempting to vent that out on someone.

Those trying to do their best with the tools they are given by upper management are not the ones to vent with.

As frustrating as it may be to sometimes use, the Customer Service line is 1 (888) 223-3779. The more people bombard that line with specific issues, the more it gets noticed by people who make decisions based on ‘traffic’.

And sometimes, a smile, a shrug, and a ‘good luck’ to the front line staff can get better results than abuse.