Eating Our Words Can Be a Good Thing!

Poetry Gabriola

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Tuesday, April 21 2015

On Sunday, April 26, Poetry Gabriola is happy to host a feast of live, poetic perFARMance. This is a fun first for Gabriola’s poetry scene - because National Poetry Month’s theme this year is “Poetry & Food,” we’ve paired local writers, poets and storytellers with local food producers, growers, makers, bakers, and vegeteers to cook up some organic free-range poetic collaborations. 

During the month of April, local “foodies” Watercliff Farm, Paula Maddison, the Herbe Shoppe, Cyrena Wray, Matador Farms, John Peirce, Tuning In Herbal Wellness, Alina Cermina, Sigrid Bjarnason, Luca Molloy and Boulton Farms have paired up with local “wordies” Naomi Beth Wakan, Dinah D, Leaf Kotasek, Annette Lorek, Sonja Arntzen, Patsy Ludwick, Heather MacLeod, Suzanne Wittingham, Robin Kelley, Cheryl Bailey, Robin A. Sam, Eric Veale and Heide Brown. Please join us for the grand finale of their work at the Foodie / Wordie Potluck and live perFARMance: Sunday, April 26, 5:00 p.m. upstairs at the Commons. Come eat, listen and build community. Entry is by donation to this kid-friendly event. (Sure, children and goats, it’s a perFARMance!) Herbivores, carnivores, omnivores and volunteers are welcome. For more info, email or call 250-247-0117.