Performing Arts Foundation aiming for 150 seat venue

Anne Drozd

Gabriola Performing Arts Foundation

Tuesday, April 21 2015

The group of Gabriolans working to establish a dedicated performing arts centre on the island has decided to focus its ongoing efforts on developing a new 150 seat venue with tiered seating. 

In the first phase of the project, Gabriola Performing Arts Foundation volunteers met with nearly 100 stakeholders in all aspects of the performing arts. 

The meetings were to assess needs and desires for performance space and views about how well the existing venues meet them. 

In the second phase, now concluded, the project team considered potential sites and design options for a performing arts centre. The team met with representatives of potential sites to understand their plans for future development. 

We have concluded that a dedicated performance space on its own site best meets the needs of the performing arts community while allowing other sites to develop to meet the needs of their user groups. 

The Foundation team has organized itself into two working groups: 

1. One group is focused on developing a detailed business plan that will (1) guide efforts to understand and manage operating costs and (2) identify possible revenue streams beyond the basic rentals of the dedicated centre’s space and equipment.

2. The other group is working to understand and meet the requirements to rezone the donated parcel of land and lay out a process and a timeline for ensuring that the project complies with all other required legalities. 

This group is also responsible to plan and carry out public meetings to inform interested Gabriolans about the project plans, its costs, and the benefits it offers to the entire community.

People with questions are invited to e-mail the Foundation at