Twilight Radio Theatre triple-dog dares you to come out to the show!

Twilight Radio Theatre

Press Release

Wednesday, November 27 2019

We triple-dog dare you! Come out to the Surf Lodge from December 11 - 14 because the Twilight Radio Theatre (TRT) gang is back at it with another really big show. This time around, it will be a Christmas classic that we all know and love - A Christmas Story. Join Ralphie and witness his quest for that Holy Grail of Christmas gifts - a Red Ryder BB gun. 

Old time radio always features musical interludes, so the Twilight Tones will definitely be singing a Christmas ditty. And of course, shows need sponsors, so you’ll love finding out what’s available in this year’s Sears Christmas Wishbook. Rest assured, no one will shoot their eye out, but your key to enjoyment will be to purchase your tickets as soon as possible. Don’t be like Randy and lie there like a slug. We don’t want anyone weaving a tapestry of obscenity if they miss out. 

Adam Kerby, David Botten, Chris Jans and Kathy McIntyre will be joined by Jocelyn Hallett for this holiday extravaganza that will feature more character voices and Foley sound effects than TRT has ever performed - this show is going to be a doozie! 

There will be guaranteed laughs and almost certainly tears of sentimental joy. 

So get to North Road Sports or the Surf Pub in short order to purchase your tickets to this holiday hilarity. Tickets are $20, but the show will be priceless.