Fishing Report for April 18, 2017

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, April 18 2017

Inshore chinook fishing from the Grande through the waterfall produced one nice chinook and two undersized fish on both Saturday and Sunday last weekend. These were taken bottom bouncing in 160 to 180 feet of water on the Evil Eye spoon. The larger (15 pound) fish was orange fleshed with red marbling, and looked to be tremendous eating.

There are reports of really good offshore fishing, but the details are sketchy as to water depth and distance offshore. I am going to try my normal spring marks, which are in 600 to 800 feet of water west of Thrasher, sometime this weekend. Usual downrigger depths in this fishery are 120 to 180 feet.

Prawning remains worthwhile, with 60 to 70 prawns per trap on average. Tuna cat food fished on the 350 foot contour is the best method. There have been no spawners in the last four sets, which is great news. The commercial fishery starts the first week of May, so you may want to freeze a few.

Good fishing! 

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