Fishing Report for April 21, 2021

Bob Meyer


Wednesday, April 21 2021

  D.F.O has not made any additional announcements about opening a Chinook selective marked hatchery fishery locally. I am afraid that the longer the delay, the less the chance of a positive result. 

A marked select Chinook fishery would only entail taking approximately 30% of the normally retained Chinook passing through our waters from April 1st through July 15th, so approximately 1,500 Chinook. 

This, at least, would provide a viable fishery locally, and be so limited in scope as to not affect troubled Fraser tributaries, or the Orca food supply. 

On the Vancouver side, you cannot even catch and release Chinook unless you are doing D.N.A. sampling. 

In the Southern Gulf Islands, if there is a sighting of the southern resident Orcas, fishing will be closed down until October 31st.

  Orcas are my favourite creature. Gorgeous, familial, intelligent, communicative, and the ultimate top end predator. 

I just witnessed them leaping in front of my house, and it was stunning! 

Should we be doing everything we can to insure the survival of these wondrous animals? 


Do I think the measures being taken by D.F.O. will have a relevant impact on them? I doubt it. 

It seems obvious. We need more Chinook. 

So, why has no stream restoration work or hatchery enhancement been done on these rivers of concern on the Fraser, which D.F.O. claims to be so worried about? The Cowichan was our Vancouver Island indicator stream for the past two decades. 

The Chinook populations have gone from 1,500 fish to 30,000 there. I think it’s absolutely pitiful that we find ourselves and the Orcas is this situation, when some proactive action could have been taken years ago to avoid this whole scenario.

  Fishing has been relatively slow off The Grande, and surprisingly offshore, too. The big migratory wave of fish, should come through soon! 

Try fishing in 600 to 800 feet of water, with downrigger depths running 120 to 180 feet.

Prawning is still slow, expect 15 to 20 per trap.

Good fishing!     

Bob Meyer is the owner/operator of Silver Blue Charters. 250-247-8807