Fishing Report for April 25, 2017

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, April 25 2017

Chinook fishing over the past week can be described simply as - awesome! There are huge numbers of chinook in the 600 to 800 foot depths from outside the Fingers to Thrasher. Most of these fish are in the 8 to 15 pound range, but a few in the low 20s have been caught. Downrigger depths range 120 to 160 feet. Lures of choice include: whole or strip baits fished in green/chartreuse Rhys Davis teasers; spoons in Evil Eye, Killy McGee, glow green/white, Knight Rider, Pink Sink; or hoochies in T-Rex or glow white. 

Darren and Cole Agnew, and Norm Perron with a limit of Chinook taken aboard the SilverBlue on Easter. SilverBlue photo

Flesh colouring is red, orange, orange/red marbled, pink marbled, and white. They are all tasty, with more and more people preferring the white chinook. Let’s hope this run lasts a long, long time. The only possible problem is the ensuing plankton bloom which seems to be forming late this year due to the cold temperatures. If it gets really thick, it can slow the fishing.

Prawning is slower, expect 15 to 50 per trap. The commercial fishery starts in about three weeks, and you then won’t be prawning for two months.

Good fishing!

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