Fishing Report for April 4, 2017

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, April 4 2017

Last week’s column was indicative of how fast things can change in the local fishery. I write the column on Thursday, but it doesn’t come out until Tuesday. In the ensuing days last week, things improved tremendously. We fished Saturday and came away with two nice keeper chinook. The Cabezon got his two fish limit in a half an hour on Wednesday, and reported tons of bait off the Waterfall. The fish were caught on Evil Eye or glow green/white 3 1/2 inch spoons fished 10 feet off the bottom in 160 to 200 feet of water from the Grande to the Waterfall. They ranged from 6 to 11 pounds in weight, and were red-fleshed, wild fish.

  Likewise the prawning revved up to 70 prawns per trap, and were found back in their normal haunts of 350 feet.

  Let’s hope this isn’t another “contrarian report,” and that things remain on the up and up.

  Good fishing! 

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