Fishing Report for January 27, 2021

Bob Meyer


Wednesday, January 27 2021

There are good quantities of Chinook at Thrasher, Grande through Whalebone, and Neck Point. Finding legal sized fish is the problem, as 90% plus of the Chinook are 18 to 22 inches, and have to be gently released. 

Generally, this time of year, things start to improve size wise, but we’ll see what happens! 

To the North of us, there is some fantastic fishing for 8 to 14 pound fish. Hornby Island has been particularly hot. Here, try bottom bouncing in 160 to 200 feet of water, using the usual culprits for lures. Two additions to consider are the new Loony Spoon, and the pure silver Silver Horde spoon.

Prawning is great off the Flat Tops, but closes again Feb. 1st for two weeks. I am actually taking my own advice, and freezing some this winter for stash. My favourite prawn dish lately is prawn salad. I’m skewering the prawns, marinating them in Italian dressing, barbequing them with some Montreal Steak Spice sprinkled liberally on top, tossing them onto fresh greens and vegies. A little toasted baguette, and voila!

Good fishing! 

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