Fishing Report for June 12, 2019

Bob Meyer  

Wednesday, June 12 2019

The Chinook salmon just keep piling through! This is perhaps the best fishing I’ve seen in twenty years. In depths of 180 to 220 feet at the waterfall, there is loads of bait and fish. Typically the fish are 10 to 12 pounds, but there are some larger ones in the mix. Small Evil Eye or Killy MaGee spoons have been my fave, but other lures are producing well, too. In offshore depths of 600 to 800 feet, there is the occasional school of Coho, and lots of smaller Chinook. The hatchery Coho are retainable, with a limit of two per person. It is ironic that there are so many Chinook around, that people are catching them while Ling fishing. 

We were working a 8 inch purple plastic swimmer tail, and ended up catching and releasing a 10 pound Chinook instead.

It will be interesting to see how the winds will be this weekend, it normally being the dates for the fabulous Silva Bay Fishing Derby. 

Editor’s Note: Derby has been rescheduled to July 20/21.

The past two years have been plagued by ferocious winds. This year there are tons of Chinook, and being a betting man, I’m betting on calm seas. Buddha does have a good sense of humour! 

Prawning still sucks. We dropped two traps by request and got 35 prawns for our efforts. It will be a while before it is worth prawning, again!

Good fishing!

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