Fishing Report for June 19 and 26, 2019

Bob Meyer  

Wednesday, June 26 2019

Well, as predicted, Buddha must be having a giggle fit watching people fish over the “could have been” Father’s Day derby weekend! Beautiful calm seas, Chinook everywhere! We fished Sunday morning, and it was calm, sunny, and very fishy. We landed approximately 20 Chinook in three and a half hours. Gratefully, they were all lightly hooked, and swam away gracefully. Half were hatchery fish, probably of U.S. origin. We were fishing Grande to the waterfall in about 160 to 180 feet of water, with the downriggers at 135 and 148 feet. Small Evil Eye or Killy MaGee spoons have been my choice over the past month. One more month to go before we start Chinook retention. Hopefully the fishing continues on this pace!

  Coho were hard to come by this week. There seems to be small, roaming schools in the deep water, but there are tons of small Chinook there, too. Hopefully we’ll get better numbers of concentrated Coho, soon.

  Ling fishing has been hit and miss lately. I am worried about the pressure being put on this specie with the Chinook non retention in effect. Please, just take what you need, and don’t try to feed the neighbourhood

Chinook fishing has blossomed everywhere! We fished the outside of Entrance Reef on Saturday, June 22nd, and hooked some nice fish! We had a 25 pound Chinook spooling us, and had to turn the boat around and chase it. My normally very dependable Shimano Takota decided to seize while doing so, and we hand lined in the fish, and released it. Pretty funny! Grande to Whalebone holds a lot of Chinook also, downrigger depths running 135 to 180 feet. Thrasher has come on too, the normal tack between the marker and the green can showing lots of fish and bait. Even trolling offshore is still showing some nice Chinook. Small Evil Eye and Killy MaGee spoons are still my bait of choice. I want to try jigging at Thrasher this week, if wind and tide allows.

There aren’t many Coho around, outside Entrance being the best spot to pursue them. Downrigger depths of 85 feet in 300 to 500 feet of water depth is the go to method.

Ling have been scarce this week, so plumbing the depths is the best approach to finding these fish.

The commercial prawn onslaught is finally over. It will take about a month to fully recover.

Good fishing!

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