Show your local love. Come be a turkey with the Chamber

Graham Bradley, President

Chamber of Commerce

Wednesday, January 20 2021

Graham here, President of the Gabriola Chamber. Farmer, volunteer, bird nerd and cargo bike rider.

The Gabriola Chamber of Commerce is seeking nominations to fill three (3) upcoming vacancies on the Board of Directors. In order to keep a balanced and diverse cross section of Gabriola businesses we are seeking interested members from the trades, transportation, and media. That said, there is an equal opportunity for members of any sector to join as we ask for nominations from those present at our AGM on February 3, 2021. Nominate yourself or the person who can best express and serve your needs as a councillor of the organization.

I am often asked what a Chamber of Commerce is: a volunteer, membership based organization that advocates, coordinates, communicates and connects businesses and professionals. Our Chamber continues to grow in capacity, receiving significant grants and channeling energy into directions our members see fit. We operate democratically and work with many levels of  government, non-profits, community groups, and individuals. We provide guidance and connectivity for businesses on Gabriola, always listening carefully to what’s going on and acting quickly to support wherever we can. At 131 members, we’re at an all time high in terms of participation and the number of projects we are responsible for.

The Gabriola Island Chamber of Commerce has been building relationships for nearly forty years. In fact, the Gulf Islands teem with a variety of complex relationships both in business and nature!  For example, many Gulf Islands have feral creatures: Saturna has goats, Lasqueti has sheep, and while not in our Gulf, Haida Gwaii has cows and of course Gabriola has turkeys. The turkey is noble, odd, protective, a team player, has a brilliant sheen and a succinct amble. The turkeys are part of our community - one of our quirks - they stay alive by scratching the ground and caring for their young in the heart of our village and by sleeping up in the trees and on high wires. Impressive beasts they are, big and strong and while seemingly brown and dark, they gleam in the light, and have brightly coloured heads. They squawk and gobble with tremendous personality.  Like the turkeys, Gabriolans thrive on a sense of community and connection with our surroundings.

While I appreciate and draw a parallel with the turkeys, I assure you, we are no bird-brains here and spend much time thinking, talking, and working to improve and support our paradise home. Here is your chance to make your voice heard and to actively participate in the exciting future of the organization. This work has been a joy to give my time to. I’ve learned so much in this positive space and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to get to know the other members. If you think you would like to join this flock please reach out!