Community Hall Flooding Update

Joyce Babula

Community Hall Board

Tuesday, October 10 2017

We now have a better idea of the extent of damage caused by the violent rainstorm that broke through the temporary roof cover at the Community Hall on September 20.

The upstairs kitchen, downstairs preschool, downstairs women’s toilets and the mechanical room are all affected and a restoration company has been hired by our insurer to carry out repairs. 

Work is currently proceeding on removing damaged material and drying out all the excess moisture. We expect that phase to be completed before the end of October.

Repairs to the mechanical room will require a complete removal and replacement of all the electrics and plumbing which is expected to take about eight weeks, during which time there will be no heating and limited electricity supply. 

Since November and December are very busy months for the community hall, with many events, fund-raisers, et cetera, we plan to delay all mechanical room repairs until January.

For November and December, the main upstairs hall will be available, along with limited kitchen facilities (coffee, microwave, fridge). The full kitchen downstairs will be available. We will rent portable toilets for the women.

For January-February, some of the main hall upstairs may be available some of the time but will not have heat or full electricity.

We are talking with the preschool to see if there is anything we can do to help meet their needs.

We regret that this will interfere with many of the activities and events that go on at the hall. If you have questions, please contact our booking agent, Tsiporah at 247-8350.