Falling tree lands in front of GERTIE bus

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GERTIE Community Bus Press Release

Wednesday, November 18 2020

GERTIE bus service was interrupted on Saturday November 14 by a falling tree during the dark stormy weather. 

GERTIE Bus Coordinator Trevor Gear stated that “in high wind and rain conditions the GERTIE bus was involved in an interaction with a falling fir tree in the [North Road] tunnel. GERTIE was heading south when the tree came down shearing the bike rack off the front of the bus and it ended up under the bus.” 

Fortunately, no passengers were on-board at the time, and the bus driver was able to stop the bus before hitting other trees on the shoulder. 

Because regular cell service was not possible inside the tunnel only a call to 911 was possible, but many cars stopped and to ask if help was needed. 

During the time the driver was waiting for assistance, he started to remove debris from the road. Shortly after someone came back with a chainsaw and cut the tree into manageable sections, and people pushed them out of the harm’s way. The Gabriola firefighters attended the accident and arranged a tow truck. 

Two hours later with the help of the fire department volunteers and Gabriola Towing the bus was back at the Commons parking lot. 

Trevor Gear reports the bus involved is in serious disrepair and will not be on the road for a long time.

The Gabriola Community Bus Foundation thanks the Gabriola Firefighters for their assistance to GERTIE, and the drivers who stopped to help, as well as our driver for his alert driving and skillful reactions to nature’s hazards. 

GERTIE regular service will be maintained with Bertie bus, and the Canabus may be returned to service duty to provide backup.