GERTIE needs support through the summer too

Judith Roux

GERTIE Committee

Monday, July 8 2013

The GERTIE drivers are seeing a lot of smiles as more and more people board the bus! We’re hearing: “It actually works!” and “The kids can go to the beach, the Village or the ferry on their own!”

We also hear that the schedule is complicated! That comes from wanting to offer close to full service for the pilot study to be a real indicator of potential ridership. Try highlighting your home location on the Monday to Friday “commuter” runs, as well as the extra “midday” runs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Then highlight your key destinations (such as the Village, ferry or ?). To transfer, ask the driver. Both buses meet frequently at the Village for this purpose.

Interested in driving? The hard-working corps of volunteer drivers invite new participants. Even one person taking on one run a week will help to keep GERTIE going. Email Steve Jackson at to sign up.

Our goal is to significantly reduce our dependence on the automobile. It takes time to plan the day with the bus in mind, but it’s worth it. 

As Judy S.K. has commented, “I am convinced this is one of the best things to support in our community.”