Groundwater Society moves water testing to Arbutus Building Supply

Hugh MacLeod

Press Release

Monday, April 16 2012

Gabriola Groundwater Management Society (GGMS) is pleased to announce that water testing will continue to be available at Arbutus Building Supply on Ross Road during their regular business hours. Due to its sale and closure, we have moved our operation from Raspberry’s to this other Gabriola business, convenient to all islanders.
We wish to remind Gabriola residents and property owners that testing is still locally available, convenient to us and very reasonably priced. There is no need to go off-island for these tests.
Our testing provides indication of total coliform bacteria (ratings are 0, low, medium and high) and also whether E. coli is or is not indicated. We use a recognized professional test procedure which is widely used by municipal and water system operators throughout Canada and the U.S.A.
We recommend testing twice annually in the dry season (when aquifer levels are lowest) and the wet season (when aquifer levels are highest) at a cost of $25 per test. Problem solving consultation and referrals for more extensive testing are also available at no additional charge.
GGMS wishes to express our great appreciation to Roger Christy and the staff at Raspberry’s for their wonderful, invaluable support of our water testing program over the past years.
We look forward to our new relationship with Curtis and Dallas Smith and the staff at Arbutus.