Laser from Gabriola being aimed at aircraft

Cst. Jan Hendriks

Gabriola RCMP

Wednesday, February 1 2017

On January 29 at about 9:35 pm a pilot of the Air Canada Jazz Airline was traveling over the Northern tip of Gabriola Island when the pilots observed a green laser pointing at their aircraft. 

Navigation Canada contacted the Gabriola Island RCMP to report this incident as it is very serious and dangerous. 

Because the pointing lasers at aircraft is so dangerous for pilots and the public, there is a hefty fine of up to $100,000 and up to 5 years in prison. 

If a laser is directed into the eye of pilots it can distract them, it can affect their vision, or worse it can temporarily blind them. 

Naturally this can have very serious consequences to the pilots and all those on board and on the ground. 

For more information please look up the following Transport Canada 

Please share this information with anyone known to enjoy playing with a laser and inform them of the consequences.